How Many Pickleball Courts Fit On A Tennis Court?

Question: How many pickleball courts fit on a tennis court?

Answer: You can fit four standard pickleball courts on a tennis court, as long a the corners are square and it is regulation size. Each pickleball court should consist of the playing area of 6.1m x 13.4m, and the total recommended size of each court with overruns is 9.1m x 18.5m.

If you picture a standard size tennis court and cut it in half at the net line, each half of the full tennis court can have two pickleball courts on each end.

See diagram below. This is the most economical layout to maximise the number of people playing pickleball at the one time. For social play and local competitions the 4 pickleball courts on 1 tennis court works well. 

How many pickleball courts can you fit on one tennis court

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