Pickleball is Australia's fastest growing sport. It's ideal for kids, especially kids aged 13- 17 in high school. Pickleball is so much easier to play than tennis, badminton, table tennis or squash and needs minimal equipment and infrastructure.

All you need is some nets, paddles and balls and you're away.
You can use your existing badminton lines or easily mark up lines on any of your courts (tennis, basketball, netball).


  • Introduce Pickleball to your school
  • Use your existing infrastructure (badminton courts, basketball, tennis or netball courts)
  • We provide all equipment (paddles, nets & balls)
  • Get expert instruction from certified pickleball coaches (WWC holders)
  • Easy to learn and FUN play.
  • Great for developing self confidence and team work skills.
  • Keeps kids active and enjoying sport

If you are interested in starting Pickleball at your school contact the team at Pickleball HQ. We specialise in introducing pickleball for schools throughout Australia and have access wholesale pickleball equipment suppliers in each state that can offer you the best prices for all your pickleball nets, paddles, balls and equipment needs.

We also have a large network of certified pickleball coaches around the country that can help you get your school started playing pickleball as well as supply all the necessary pickleball equipment.

Attention teachers & parents:

Pickleball is a great sport to play at any age, especially for school age kids. It's a fun, inclusive sport that teaches you hand eye coordination but does not require the technical skills of tennis, which means anyone can do it.

You'll be amazed at how your kids will come out of their shells when they realise the can actually play pickleball. After a few introductory explanations and drills most kids are able to pick it up quite quickly.

A pickleball court is very similar in size to a badminton court, so all you really need is a net, paddles and ball to start playing pickleball. If you have indoor or outdoor basketball, netball courts or badminton courts then you are all set up to play pickleball.


We will come to your school with our qualified coaches and run a beginners pickleball introductory session and have your kids playing pickleball and loving it almost right from the gecko.

We supply all the paddles, nets and balls.

If you are then interested in making pickleball part of your school physical education program or simply want to add some social pickleball and get your local community involved we can supply you with everything you need, including pickleball paddles, nets and balls.

Interested in introducing Pickleball at your school?

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