Play pickleball in Warrnambool City Pickleball

Discover the Warrnambool City Pickleball Club, dedicated to the exciting sport of pickleball. Join us to play, improve your skills, and connect with a vibrant pickleball community in a friendly and competitive environment.

Warrnambool Pickleball Club
Type of Club: Pickleball Victoria affiliated Tennis Club, with all bookings and drop ins required to be booked via OpenSports.
Warrnambool Stadium located at 71-77 Caramut Rd, Warrnambool VIC 3280, Australia.
No of Courts: 3 (Indoor Courts)

The Warrnambool City Pickleball Club is a sports club dedicated to the sport of pickleball. Pickleball in Warrnambool has grown in popularity with more and more people taking up the game. Warrnambool City Pickleball Club is the place to play. Pickleball a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It is played with a perforated ball and a paddle on a court similar to a tennis court but with smaller dimensions. The club provides a venue and opportunities for individuals to play pickleball, improve their skills, and engage in social and competitive play. 

Warrnambool City Pickleball Club is also the home of the Pickleball Australia / Victoria sanctioned Pickleball Tournament - Warrnambool Pickleball Open on 24 - 25 Feb 2024 with 22 courts featuring singles, skinny singles, doubles and mixed doubles, split doubles to be held at the Warrnambool Stadium.


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